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Translation sworn* ordinary**
- standard turnaround time from PLN 70
- expedited turnaround time from 70 PLN + 50%
- express turnaround time from 70 PLN + 100%
Verification and certification of translations from PLN 30

* a billable page of sworn translation covers 1125 characters with spaces

** a billable page of ordinary translation covers 1500 characters with spaces

Interpretation PLN 900 for a 4-hour unit
  PLN 500 for interpretation of up to 1 hour
+ PLN 200 for each subsequent started hour

Fees - general information


The minimum fee for translation is the equivalent of 1 page. Additional copies of translated documents cost 50% of the price paid for the first copy. Translation of handwritten texts, texts that are difficult to read, of poor-quality copies and those containing specialised vocabulary are charged an additional 25% of the base rate. The amount for expedited (next day) translation is increased by 50%, and for express turnaround time (same day) translation - by 100%. If the client cancels the service once the translation has commenced, the client is obliged to pay the remuneration for the work actually performed by the translator up to the moment of cancellation (however not less than 25% of the agreed estimated value of the order).


Interpreting services are charged according to a system which is generally accepted on the interpreting market, where the smallest unit is a 4-hour unit. A surcharge of 50% is added to interpreting assignments for which were ordered less than 24 hours in advance or overnight. If the interpretation assignment is cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time, a 50% fee will be charged. For interpreting assignments outside Warsaw, the cost of travel will be charged according to the applicable rate of vehicle mileage allowance. In the case of assignments involving substantial sums, the translator has the right to ask for an advance. The cancellation of an ordered service can only be made in writing or electronically, provided that the client can be identified. The details of each assignment are established individually and each time they are agreed with the client.

Details concerning order processing can be found here.

The above offer is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code or other relevant legal regulations.

The price of translation/interpretation is established with and approved by the client each time.