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My offer includes sworn translation (certified with a seal issued by the Minister of Justice) and ordinary translation (not requiring certification) from Ukrainian into Polish and from Polish into Ukrainian.

I translate in the areas of law, economics and finance, marketing, medicine and a range of general topics.

The most commonly translated documents include:

  • contracts, statutes, resolutions;
  • extracts (e.g. KRS, JEDPOU), reports;
  • official letters, procedural documents, court documents;
  • deeds, statements,
  • diplomas, certificates, attestations;
  • civil registry documents (birth, marriage certificates, name change, divorce documents),
  • official documents (passports, residence cards, driving licenses, car registration documents),
  • certificates of clean criminal record, certificates of employment;
  • hospital discharge cards, medical cards, medical histories, sick leaves, medical certificates.

I also certify translations drawn up by others, provided that they comply with the rules of spelling, grammar and style.

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I offer interpreting services which facilitate communication between two or more interlocutors who do not speak the same language (or do not speak it sufficiently well).

I interpret during meetings, such as:

  • at the notary’s office during transactions;
  • during meetings, negotiations;
  • in offices (Registry Office, Embassy), banks;
  • in courts, prosecutors’ offices and other state institutions;
  • during conversations via: telephone, video conferencing, audio and video mode transmissions;

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How to order

Sworn and ordinary translation and interpretation

For sworn translation (also called “certified”), one billable page counts as 1125 characters including spaces in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24 January 2005 on remuneration for the services of a sworn translator (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 15, item 131). The number of characters of the translated text, as indicated by a text editor (usually Word) is divided by 1125 characters. The translation of one A4 page in sworn translation, depending on the size and type of the font, text layout, type of stamps and other variables, can amount to as much as several pages. For ordinary translation, one page covers 1600 characters including spaces. Each started page is rounded up to the next full page. The turnaround time for each order is calculated individually and is agreed each time with the client.

Certification of translations

Verification and certification of delivered translation is possible as long as the translation does not contain any factual, grammatical, stylistic or spelling mistakes.


Interpreting services are charged according to a system which is generally accepted on the interpreting market, where the smallest unit is defined as a “unit”, i.e. 4 clock hours.

The time is counted from the time which was indicated as the beginning of interpreting until the end of the interpreting assignment. Delays resulting from the client’s being late, postponement of the meeting hour, e.g. by a notary, cancellation of the meeting for reasons beyond the interpreter’s control, as well as breaks, are included in the unit.

By agreeing to the proposed conditions for the execution of the order, the Client acknowledges and accepts that the Translator shall be liable for any unintentional errors up to the amount of the remuneration charged for the service.
The Translator is not responsible for delays resulting from causes beyond her control, acts of God, force majeure, software or office equipment failures, telephone and Internet connections or interruptions in the supply of electricity, Internet and mobile network transmission.
The Translator is not liable for any factual errors in the translation resulting from errors in the original document.
The copyright to the translation is automatically transferred to the Client upon payment of the full amount of remuneration.
The Translator reserves the right to refuse to accept a translation.